Composite Resins after

A wide and diversified range of Unsaturated Polyesters, Vinyl Esters and Acrylate resins for a variety of processes and applications. As a key manufacturer of High Quality UPR and other resins our products are being extensively used in the composite resins.

The Vinyl ester range of resins, are amongst the best in the Industry being used for various chemical projects as also for other specialized application. Crest Composite has been able to overcome the shelf life issue dominant in the Industry and is able to offer long shelf life resins (6-8 months when stored in ideal conditions) suitable for exports.

CCPPL is the exclusive supplier of acrylate resins in India with its offering of both thermally cured as well as UV cured resin.

Some of the focus areas in the wide field of Composite resins are as below:

With its strong R & D focus, CCPPL also manufactures a host of tailor made products like pigmented gel coats and special additives for specific customers for varied application viz. synthetic marble Granites, putty, wind mill components, automobile components etc.

We manufacture a range of standard and speciality gelcoats in any base esin like terephthaleic, isophthaleic, ISO NPG, Vinyl Ester and Novolac epoxy based Super Vinyl Ester. We offer pigmented and plain gel coats for spray and hand lay up applications. Our pigmented gel coats have consistent shade – lot to lot and batch to batch. We offer speciality gel coats in metallic, glitter and pearlescent shades. Our gel coats find extensive application in FRP fabrication of cooling towers, swimming, pools, roofing sheets, boats, play ground equipments, sign boards, domes, cabins, doors, decorative wall, cladding sheets, tanks etc

Crest also manufactures performance additives like UV Guard and antistatic agents.

The UV Guard system is basically a cocktail of different chemicals which have specific properties which enhances the efficacy of the UV stabilizers commercially available.

It basically helps regernerate the UV stabilizer, partially block the UV rays from penetrating into the FRP surface and is totally compatible with Polyester Resin systems.

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