About Crest after-bg

CREST COMPOSITES AND PLASTICS PVT. LTD. is one of India’s most respected and leading companies in the field of polymer resins technology with an established presence in the industry. The Company, with its focus on innovation and value addition, has earned itself respect and goodwill among a long list of customers from varied industrial segments.

The company has witnessed evident growth since its inception in 1989 and is now a premier manufacturer of a wide range of international quality resins for a diverse range of applications and requirements and provides customised solutions to a vast clientele of reputed companies.

Head Office

The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, and is ably supported by branch operations in various regions and metropolitan cities-all strategically situated to provide the best of instant and efficient customer service and care.

About Benasedo


Benasedo SpA has been producing high quality synthetic resins for coatings and printing inks since 1959. From its earliest beginnings, the Company’s policy has been to meet the widest possible requirements of the market whilst tailoring the product, to satisfy the specific need of the individual customer. At the same time as applying continuous effort to improving products, developing personal and investing in plant and technical support, the Company has ensured compliance with the highest level of safety requirements and care for the environment. Within the wide range of binders produced by BENASEDO, water-borne resins have featured for several years and the latest generation contain no co-solvents whilst, for practical purposes, achieving the performance and application properties of equivalent solvent based products. The Benasedo product lines represent the most complete range of resins for surface coatings. The Company offers its support to expand and develop the coatings industry. The Company manufactures and markets its wide range of resin products under the brand names – BENASOL, BENESTER, HARTBEN, ISOBEN, BENALAC, BENCRYL, EPOBEN, IDROBEN. Benasedo has always offered the highest levels of technology and service and are one of the most respected and reputed resin manufacturers of Europe.

Management after-bg

MR. RANAJIT SEN ( Managing Director )
The founder and Managing Director of Crest. An alma-mater of the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani; he plays an active role as an overall operations head and spearheads the organization to newer growth avenues.
MR. SUSANTA PRAMANIK ( Technical Director )
The Technical Director and an M.tech Polymer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He spearheads the R & D as well as the technical wing of the company.
Mr. Prakash Udeshi ( Finance Director)
The Finance Director of Crest; he is a Certified Cost and Chartered Accountant and plays a vital role in mentoring the financial management of the company.
An independent Director of the company; he is an Industrial Engineer by qualification and, has served in top Executive positions in renowned corporate entities. He plays a key role in mentoring and guiding strategic direction & growth of the Company.

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